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The first bow ties originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian war of the 17th century and were soon adopted by members of the upper class in France, the leader in fashion at the time. Are we here to give you a history lesson on the origin of bow ties? No. But it is nice to appreciate the bow tie as a classic, timeless piece. 

A bow tie is like an elegant watch--only better: the finest watches can sometimes go unnoticed and under appreciated because, let's be honest, how many people are looking at your wrist when you are conversing with them? A bow tie, on the other hand, is impossible to be overlooked. No matter what, a bow tie makes a statement.


Whether it's one of elegance or one that speaks to your personality, it's impossible for a great bow tie to be ignored. In our experience, every time without fail that we've worn a bow tie we've been complimented, by either someone we know or in many cases, by a complete stranger. The point is, wearing a bow tie is an easy way to step up your fashion game with little effort required. All you need is an excellent bow tie to make it happen.


We sometimes get people that say, "I can't pull off a bow tie", or "I feel like bow ties are only for balls and Galas and the Kentucky derby." Most people that say that are simply unaware of the endless possibilities of outfits and occasions where a bow tie is actually the perfect accessory. In thinking of who can really pull off a bow tie, think about it: have you ever heard someone say "that's such a great bow tie, but it's too bad he can't pull it off?" No. People don't say that. A great bow tie does its job flawlessly, meaning you can wear it like a pro.


The bow tie you choose to wear can speak a lot about your personality. There's an endless possibility of bow tie options, so there's truly one for every person and every occasion. Of course, most people know that at formal occasions like weddings, or charity dinners, bow ties are becoming even more popular.


But who said a bow tie can't work for a date night at an intimate restaurant? In fact, it can. The rest of your outfit could be as simple as a solid dress shirt, a pair of chinos. But adding a bow tie that perfectly complements the rest of your outfit brings you to the next level. Looking for something a bit more elegant?  Throw on a cardigan or even a sport coat, but whatever you do don't forget your bowtie.


Here's another scenario: next Sunday is your annual family BBQ cookout to kickoff the summer. Your outfit for the occasion is simple: solid colored shorts, a short or long sleeved button down and a pair of boat shoes. But a bow tie can tie the entire outfit together, and show people that you're a gentleman. If you're going to an acoustic concert at the loft downtown this weekend, tuck your dress shirt into some jeans, throw a sweater on over it with some dress shoes or chukka boots and don't forget a more hipster bow tie like one made of wool. People will take notice of your style because it's effortless yet well executed.


Now for those that just read through that thinking, 'what the heck are chukka boots?' and 'isn't a cardigan what my grandfather wears?'. Stick to these guidelines: if you're wearing a solid colored shirt (let's say an Oxford), don't be afraid to wear a Paisley or animal-printed bow tie. If you're wearing a shirt with a unique pattern, choose a solid-colored bow tie or one with flowers. Wearing a Hawaiian-floral shirt with a bright and colorful floral bow tie can be overwhelming--let either the shirt or the bow tie speak for itself while the other complements. The more balanced, the better off you will look. 


We see bow ties as being a hallmark of a gentleman--especially one that is hand-made by Wik Brothers. Approachable and well-respected; humble and caring; courteous and selfless. And, the best part of all? With at least 20% of profits going to the AFSP or the Cancer Institute, you will not only look like a refined gentleman--you're taking on the roll of one with your contributions to saving lives. It's time to discover the gentleman in us all--one bow tie at a time.

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